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A powerful workout for your body & mind{set}


A transformative membership that combines powerful mindset work with results-based movement classes.
The result: shifts that will impact the rest of your life!

Join me for live stream and on-demand high energy workouts that perfectly balance barre, Pilates, and cardio.
The result: a more energized, confident, empowered, and clear you. It’s a beautiful thing!

What's Inside the MEMBERSHIP:
- An on-demand library of fun, effective and accessible workouts that you can adapt to your skill level & mood.
Mindset themes, think mindset coaching sessions, woven thoughtfully throughout each workout – train your brain while moving your body.
New workouts added weekly so you can shake things up, or stick to your favorites.
Access to all livestream classes to get that oh so good live energy
Monthly coaching calls that include teaching and quality q&a time

Live Classes

Nothing beats the energy of a live Zoom class!

On Demand

On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.

The Set Membership

On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.


Signature Classes

Quickie Set
Less than 20 minutes. High energy, super focused workouts. A good body burn in less time!

The Full Set
40 minutes. Full body workouts. Nourish your body & mind. Musically driven, high energy, and feel good classes.


Welcome! Hi, I'm Meagan.

I was exhausted trying to work off every calorie that I ate with hours of cardio, I restricted my calories until I was hangry plus partied way too much (I also had a ton of fun during this time but in the least healthy way possible…you get it!). I was unhealthy but obsessed with being as small as I could be. I was plagued with digestive issues, migraines, and insomnia.

Growing up as a dancer and playing sports, movement was part of my everyday life and I loved it. Like many women, my relationship with my body started to change as I absorbed messages from diet culture and the idea that I wasn’t enough became part of my self concept. I had a disconnect between what I was doing and what I knew was right. It took years of work to see my body as something that deserved love & healing. It was in that healing that I discovered Pilates & Barre and my world was changed! I also found myself at my strongest + most confident. This wasn't by accident. It was a very deliberate unlearning of all the body bs I had picked up over the years. I found my power, my voice, my confidence and rediscovered my love for fitness. I left a big salary in a corporate job that wasn’t serving me and built a Life Coaching & fitness career that I’m obsessed with. It’s been a beautiful transformation and I’m so grateful for this journey!

I’m now a Life Coach &Fitness Instructor with a mission to inspire + empower women to achieve their goals and truly feel their best through thought work & movement. I help my clients change their mindset, drop the body BS, and reclaim their power so they can achieve their goals— both big + small and find confidence + freedom.

It is an honor to be able to share my method with everyone in my classes. Thank you x a million for being here!


500hr Comprehensive Pilates TT Certification
Certified Barre Instructor
Barre Teacher Trainer
Certified Life Coach

Join me on this journey!


Always an amazing start to my day! Love Meagan’s classes so much. The perfect balance of cozy and kick ass!

Sarah R.

Just finished another class and I feel FAB! Meagan is such an amazing teacher, only she can make a hard class so enjoyable! 45 mins with Meg really changes my whole mood. Forever grateful!

Christie H.

Yes I’ve lost weight and toned up through Meagan’s classes but the real transformation has been my mindset. I am so happy I found these classes!

Jess P.

Missing the days of in person class but thankful I can stay connected through this platform! Meagan is superwoman IRL and everyone needs to know about her!

Naomi S.
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